As part of its efforts to promote trusted European cybersecurity, the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range has obtained dual recognition from the certification body at the National Cryptology Centre (Centro Criptológico Nacional, CCN) in Spain, as qualified and approved products.

Our next-gen UTM firewalls have therefore achieved qualified product status (“Productos Cualificados”) in Spain. This qualification recognises the relevance and robustness of the protective systems.


SNS, the first CCN-approved firewall

The good news doesn’t stop there however, as the SNS firewalls have also obtained a further distinction from the CCN, this time as approved products (“Productos Aprobados”). As the Stormshield Country Manager for Spain Borja Perez, explained, this is an exceptional situation for Spain: “The Stormshield Network Security products are the first firewalls to be approved by the CCN. This sends out a strong message in Spain and bears witness to the high quality of our products and the guaranteed level of protection they provide for the strategic infrastructure and information of even the most sensitive organisations”.

Issued by the CCN, these labels are chiefly intended for the agencies, governmental institutions and key companies subject to the requirements of Spain’s National Security Plan (Esquema Nacional de Seguridad, ENS).


Promoting trusted European cybersecurity

Stormshield’s Director of Engineering Franck Bourguet explained that “Becoming a CCN-approved supplier is the culmination of the focused efforts of our development teams. At a time when European technological sovereignty is becoming a strategic issue and governance a priority for our customers, we can offer a practical operational response in the cybersecurity domain”. This further underpins Stormshield’s efforts to promote trusted European cybersecurity.

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