Panda Adaptive Defense, the next-generation workstation protection solution

Further to our communication in June advising that Stormshield and Panda Security were forming a strategic alliance, Stormshield is pleased to announce the launch of sales of Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360 (includes antivirus option) on the French and Spanish markets. Additional markets for the sale of the Panda solution will be announced next year.

A new level of security

Adaptive Defense brings a new level of security to Stormshield's clients. It is a complimentary product to Stormshield Endpoint Security, the solution for operational, industrial and sensitive environments.

Adaptive Defense, the next-generation workstation protection solution, further strengthens Stormshield’s 100% European product offering that efficiently detects and responds to both known and unknown threats, protecting networks, workstations and servers.

As part of a “Threat Intelligence” initiative, Panda and Stormshield will share information on threats, thereby proactively enhancing the level of protection offered to customers.

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