Native integration of Stormshield Network Security logs into Microsoft Cloud App Security

The cloud enables greater flexibility for employees – and IT teams. However, it also brings its own issues and challenges in terms of guaranteeing your organisation’s security.

To take advantage of cloud applications and services, a balance must be struck between managing access and maintaining control in order to protect critical data. The cloud also demands greater connectivity and increased dependence on network access, thus contributing to security and availability issues.

Microsoft Cloud App Security and Stormshield Network Security: compatible by nature

The Microsoft Cloud App Security Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enables a broad overview of operations and control over movement of data. It also offers sophisticated analyses for identifying and combatting cyber threats across your Microsoft and third-party cloud services. At the same time, Stormshield Network Security solutions perform in-depth network flow analysis for securing and monitoring communications to the Internet, without having a negative impact on user performance or experience.

Faced with the modern threats that regularly deceive traditional security systems, a new, more comprehensive approach to security is needed. Stormshield is therefore collaborating with Microsoft in order to share information on threats and to collectively improve our clients’ defences. Microsoft Cloud App Security now offers native integration of logs produced by Stormshield Network Security solutions, improving its knowledge of the network’s activity.

This collaboration has enabled the IT team to gain an improved overview of operations and strengthen its security level, without any additional administration and without impacting on users.

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Used alongside a detection probe, the Stormshield Network Security range offers optimal protection for guaranteeing data integrity and monitoring data content, in order to avoid attacks on business line flows.
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Julien Paffumi Product Portfolio Manager, Stormshield

Julien made his first foray into Arkoon’s R&D as a quality engineer. He then directly trained administrators and acquired broad knowledge of their needs – an invaluable experience for his next role as Product Manager of Arkoon Fast360 firewalls, and then of the Stormshield Management Center centralised administration console. Eager to share what he has learned, Julien now works in continuous improvement for Product Management at Stormshield as a Product Portfolio Manager. This cross-cutting role also feeds his never-ending curiosity thanks to its broader approach to Stormshield solutions.