With companies being ever more connected, the risk of cyberattacks on information systems is growing every day. At the start of this year, the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI [Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information]) therefore published recommendations and advice for choosing a firewall. To be better protected against risks.

In this guide, the ANSSI highlights the importance of the distinction between certified solutions and qualified solutions. You can access the complete guide directly on the ANSSI website.


Qualified or certified firewalls?

The differences between qualification and certification are not always obvious. This guide clears up any confusion: “The qualification of a firewall goes beyond its certification, as it reflects the state’s recommendations of a network filtering product”. Such a qualification certificate issued by the ANSSI is therefore a measure of a firewall’s robustness but also “of the trust that the state has in the publisher of the solution by analysing organisational information about it (information on the legal person, supply chain, operational procedures, product strategy, etc.)“.

In sensitive environments, the ANSSI has made it obligatory to use qualified products. It is highly recommended in all other environments, whether public or private.


Security Visas to support businesses and administrations

The ANSSI now also provides Security Visas to easily identify the most reliable solutions “after an evaluation carried out by approved laboratories according to a strict and proven methodology”. Stormshield Endpoint Security, Stormshield Data Security and Stormshield Network Security: see our three product ranges in the catalogue of qualified products!


Stormshield Network Security, the only firewall qualified at the standard level

Currently, “only one firewall is qualified at the standard level”: Stormshield Network Security. A true mark of confidence that acknowledges the hard work of the teams. By choosing Stormshield, you cannot go wrong!

Faced with modern threats, stay one step ahead with a next-gen UTM firewall. And for complete peace of mind, choose a verified solution with the highest visa level. You can find a guide of configuration recommendations at the ANSSI website or take a look at our Network Security Product Range.

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