Elastic Virtual Appliances available via the 3DS OUTSCALE marketplace

SNS EVA appliances via the 3DS OUTSCALE marketplace | Stormshield

Because data sovereignty implies sovereignty over the solutions responsible for ensuring the security of that data, Stormshield is proud to be one of the first solutions available via the 3DS OUTSCALE sovereign cloud platform's marketplace. This partnership allows companies and organisations concerned about control over their data to benefit from a SecNumCloud-qualified cloud environment and to protect it with a Stormshield Network Security virtual appliance – a trusted solution developed entirely in Europe.


Back in late 2019: the 3DS OUTSCALE public cloud offering became the first IaaS infrastructure to obtain the SecNumCloud qualification from France’s ANSSI cybersecurity agency. This made it a platform of choice for European governments, public players and companies wishing to host their data and services in a trusted sovereign environment. Now, in mid-2021, 3DS OUTSCALE has launched its marketplace to promote partner solutions that will help their customers build an even more powerful, secure environment.


Extending cyber-serenity to the Cloud

This initiative is fully in line with Stormshield's mission to deliver cyber-serenity to organisations that operate critical and operational infrastructures. In an effort to ensure a sustainable and trusted digital world, while providing business continuity and data protection for organisations, their employees and customers, we are pleased to announce that Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliances are now available via the 3DS OUTSCALE marketplace. Because data sovereignty is only possible with sovereign security.

As with other private and public cloud platforms, companies and organisations that choose Stormshield Network Security solutions will be able to:

  • deploy virtual firewalls to provide internal segmentation and filtering between their various resources hosted on 3DS OUTSCALE;
  • establish trusted communications over VPN links between their resources hosted on 3DS OUTSCALE and their physical offices or remote workers.


This comes with all the usual benefits of EVA's flexibility in matching resource requirements to performance needs!

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Support your Cloud services deployments in total security. Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance products can be easily adapted to the environment they are protecting. Integrating security into the implementation of a new service has never been easier. Now you don’t have to choose between responsiveness and safety – stay agile!
Read a Technical Note for deploying the EVA firewall on the 3DS OUTSCALE hosting platform. Deploying the firewall, creating the web server instance, configuring the firewall, installing the web server service and testing access to the web server; the different steps are presented in a clear, educational approach.

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Senior Product Manager, Stormshield

Julien made his first foray into Arkoon’s R&D as a quality engineer. He then directly trained administrators and acquired broad knowledge of their needs – an invaluable experience for his next role as Product Manager of Arkoon Fast360 firewalls, and then of the Stormshield Management Center centralised administration console. Eager to share what he has learned, Julien now works in continuous improvement for Product Management at Stormshield as a Senior Product Manager. This cross-cutting role also feeds his never-ending curiosity thanks to its broader approach to Stormshield solutions.