Cybersecurity: where does Industry 4.0 stand?

Industries now have to withstand a constant barrage of cyber-attacks - the flip side of living in an increasingly connected world. Cyber-attacks, more sophisticated by the day, can infiltrate computerised devices and bring entire companies to a grinding halt. A simple smart coffee pot can constitute a breach through which cyber-attacks can penetrate the system. From 23-27 April, our Stormshield experts are heading to the Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany to exchange ideas and create the industrial cybersecurity of the future. Look for us at booth F14 in Hall 7.

It may seem like there is a substantial way to go from your morning coffee to bringing down an entire production line, and yet... Take a look at this LinkedIn post from Robert Wakim, Offer Manager for Industry at Stormshield, on this seemingly innocuous daily act that has become a line of attack.

Stormshield, top cybersecurity partner at the centre of the industrial ecosystem

Our experts will be with you at this major event for European industry to help build a system of defence for smart factories. Are you an integrator or retailer of industrial solutions? Do you want to join the ranks of cyber-defenders and bring added-value to your customers? Come see us at booth F14, in Hall 7 – Digital Factory, to learn about our reliable solutions and see technical demos.

On Tuesday the 23rd, Robert Wakim will be on hand for a workshop that will retrace the discovery of a non-targeted infection and protection strategies that could have prevented it. Be at booth D02, Hall 6, at 3 p.m.

To request a badge, go to the event site.

SNi40, the ANSSI-certified industrial firewall

Looking for a cybersecurity solution tailor-made to fit industrial systems and the extensive operational limitations they entail? Look no further than SNi40, our network security solution. SNi40, the only ANSSI-certified industrial firewall on the market, meets France's strict regulatory standards (LPM) on filtering systems and the protection of SIIVs (Information Systems of Vital Importance).

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