Arkoon Netasq (Stormshield) and TheGreenBow offer the first end-to-end chain of trust qualified by ANSSI

Longstanding technology partners, Arkoon Netasq, a leading player in the cybersecurity market, and TheGreenBow, a French publisher of security solutions, now provide a high level of global security (from the workstation to the network) and form the first chain of trust certified by ANSSI as complying with the requirements of companies and operators of vital importance (OIVs).

TheGreenBow, a technology partner of Stormshield, has just received Common Criteria EAL3+ certification for its IPSec VPN client. This valuable certification issued by Anssi (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) confirms the company's position as market leader and validates the company's choice of industrial processes for product development, maintenance, support and quality assurance management. "With the certified version of its product, TheGreenBow™ now targets government markets in France and internationally," said Roger Simon, CEO of TheGreenBow.

Stormshield, whose solutions are based on technology also certified by ANSSI and TheGreenBow, can now provide organizations with optimal trustworthy solutions.

"We are delighted with this certification. This longstanding collaboration with a trusted technology partner allows us to position ourselves as the leading end-to-end trust chain in the security market," said Matthieu Bonenfant, product manager at Stormshield.

This unique partnership meets the expectations of sensitive companies and organizations for whom the loss of confidential data and the leakage of critical information is simply no longer conceivable. In accordance with the security policies of these companies, protection must be provided at several levels with certified solutions that guarantee true service continuity, confidentiality and data integrity.

"With TheGreenBow VPN Client, we enable so-called sensitive organizations to effectively protect their confidential information from the desktop to the network gateway," adds Jérôme Chappe, TheGreenBow Deputy Director.

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