An online help tool for MyStormshield users

Need a hand with MyStormshield? An online tool is now available to help you get the most out of your webspace.

Stormshield is proud to announce that an online help tool is now available for MyStormshield users.

A process of continual improvement

This online help tool was created to address some of the feedback we’ve been receiving, and is part of our efforts to continually improve the MyStormshield site (with better user-friendliness and ease of use).

Right now, the tool addresses two topics: Getting started with MyStormshield and Managing your end-customer or partner account.

Our Documentation and Application teams worked closely together to make this feature a reality. The goal was to produce an effective and exhaustive tool that was responsive to your needs, based on real case examples from UX workshops and other events. Other departments, including Sales, Technical Support and Marketing, were also involved in various phases of the project.

The tool includes a search engine, and was designed in accordance with the graphic charter from our technical documentation website, in order to maintain consistency across the various Stormshield interfaces. The charter is available in French and English directly on the MyStormshield login screen, with no authentication needed.

Documentation for other MyStormshield features will also be added soon.

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If you have any problems or questions related to MyStormshield, consult the online help tool.
If needed, contact us at 0 800 87 12 24, or by email at

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