2017 Les Assises Security Conference: Digital Transformation and Security

More than 2,700 cybersecurity professionals traveled to Monaco for the 17th edition of the security conference. This year, the focus was on digital transformation, which has now become inseparable from digital security.

Cybersecurity: “Everyone is a potential target”

From the very first minutes of his speech, Guillaume Poupard, Director of ANSSI, highlighted the general increase in awareness about cybersecurity. During his light-hearted yet uncompromising opening presentation, he reminded everyone that nobody was safe from cyber attacks.

He also stressed the importance of certifications for French critical infrastructures and international collaboration, the only tangible solutions to prevent these cyber risks. Stormshield is already working on these two issues, in terms of both its strategy and its products, including the SNi40 industrial firewall. You will find the entire opening presentation by Guillaume Poupard below.

Cyber industry workshop and treasure hunt

Presented jointly by Hydrostadium, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF, Schneider Electric NEC and Stormshield, our Thursday lunchtime workshop focused on industrial cyber protection.

Meanwhile, a treasure hunt was organized at our booth, alongside our parent company Airbus Cybersecurity, but also throughout the walkways of Les Assises. The goal was to collect a certain amount of information and then unblock a code. And in doing so, save the world from a massive cyber attack. Around fifty people took part!

Experience the 2017 Les Assises Security Conference

You will also find a short photo gallery from this 2017 edition.

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