In the Cloud

The cloud has become the backbone for organisations’ digital transformation processes. However, data confidentiality, integrity and reversibility still form barriers to the adoption of cloud services. To address this, Stormshield ensures that the information you share online is protected with trusted encryption.

Data in the Cloud: a risky practice

The cloud is an excellent tool for sharing information and storing data online, but it also raises questions about the confidentiality and security of the data stored there. For example, the total cost of cyberattacks in the cloud each year is estimated at 445 billion for the global economy (Source: report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS). The consequences for companies are significant: data leakage, theft and loss, multiple and unauthorised access.

Protecting your data in the cloud: yes, you can!

So how can you protect data in the cloud? Stormshield is convinced that a solution that is platform-agnostic, applicable to all new uses and on all media will free you from dependency on a cloud service or provider. This is the promise of our Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility solution.

Our end-to-end encryption technology, sited close to the information user, whether on the desktop, mobile or in the cloud, will give you the cyber peace of mind you need in this changing world. Its other selling point? It’s easy, seamless integration with with many software products on the market.

Solutions tailored to the major cloud players

Guaranteed end-to-end encryption of shared documents

The Stormshield Data Security (SDS) solution, based on user data encryption, is designed to allow Dropbox to be used without compromising its collaboration and sharing capabilities, while maintaining information security.

Ensuring the confidentiality of data exchanged online

Stormshield's solution ensures the confidentiality of data exchanged online. It allows IT departments to use Microsoft Office 365 without compromising the usability and performance of OneDrive, Office 365 SharePoint Online and on-premises SharePoint… while at the same time controlling the security of information in the cloud.

The promise of a universal sharing offering

Thanks to the integration between the Stormshield solution and Oodrive's PostFiles, IT departments can benefit from a universal data sharing, protection and storage offering. It guarantees the confidentiality of information shared online, protected by individual encryption, without affecting the usability and performance of Oodrive services.

A real-life case study? Stormshield helped France's leading low-carbon energy company to protect its data in the cloud. Find all the details of this trust-based partnership in this customer testimonial.