Analysing dubious files

You're not sure you trust that last e-mail you received? And the accompanying attachment looks even more suspicious? Enjoy cyber peace of mind with Breach Fighter. This search tool detects potentially malicious behaviour in all your Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and scripts.

Analysing dubious online files

This malware detection service comes to you courtesy of the Breach Fighter sandboxing tool developed by Stormshield. Based on behavioural analysis, it also draws on our Stormshield Endpoint Security product and research work by our Security Intelligence team.

Breach Fighter can analyse and detect malicious behaviour in:

  • Microsoft Office documents,
  • PDF documents,
  • JAR and Java files,
  • Scripts (Powershell, Jscript, etc.),
  • Windows executable files (32-bit and 64-bit),
  • E-mails containing attachments,
  • Archives (ZIP, RAR, 7zip, etc.).

Do you have doubts about a file?Test it with Breach Fighter

The search for malware

This malware scan tool is able to detect and neutralise malware. But how does Breach Fighter detect malware? First, it runs in a virtual environment and analyses the behaviour of the files. It can then classify them by category:

  • Healthy if no malicious behaviour is detected
  • Suspect if the file being analysed shows one or more signs of suspicious behaviour. This can be found even in healthy files. In this case, be sure to check the sender.
  • Malicious if the analysis reveals one or more typical signs of malware behaviour. In this case, do not keep the malicious file. Do not open it or share it.

Want to know more about Breach Fighter and dynamic protection against cyber attacks? Find out more about the tool's protection guarantees on its own dedicated page