Stormshield Visibility Center

Stormshield Visibility Center

Our centralised security event management solution for small organisations

Bring all safety events from our Stormshield product lines together in one place. And enjoy a unified general overview of your information system security with our turnkey Stormshield Visibility Center solution.




SVC: information in bref

SVC overview

Are you looking for a tool that will let you view reports from your computer network at a glance? Our free Stormshield Visibility Center (SVC) solution can help you. It offers a unified view of the event logs from our SNS firewalls, in conjunction with our Stormshield Data Security Enterprise and Stormshield Endpoint Security solutions. It is aimed mainly at companies or organisations with an entry-level to mid-range firewall (SN160 to SN910).

The intuitive, customisable SVC solution allows you to personalise your dashboards and create or modify views to offer you a solution that is always tailored to your needs.

SVC demo

Would you like to test our Stormshield Visibility Center solution? Discover our SVC demo environment.

SVC: technical information

A more exhaustive list of SVC's features can be found in the product sheet below. And if you have more technical questions or require more information about our Stormshield Visibility Center virtual appliance, contact our pre-sales teams.

SVC Documentation

You can find all SMC's technical documentation, including installation guides, user guides, technical notes and release notes, on our dedicated website.

SVC in pictures


The SVC solution is aimed at companies or organisations with an entry-level to mid-range firewall (SN160 to SN910). If your needs are bigger (larger firewall, multi-site infrastructure), explore the Stormshield Log Supervisor solution.

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