Sanitas protects its systems against sophisticated threats with Stormshield Endpoint Security

Sanitas, Spain’s leading healthcare and wellness group and member of the multinational BUPA network, has taken the decision to optimise protection of its users’ Work Stations by deploying Stormshield Endpoint Security technology nationwide for comprehensive protection against known and unknown attacks and APTs.

Well aware of the sensitive nature of data stored in its systems and the exponential growth of the number of sophisticated targeted attacks threatening all kinds of companies, Sanitas was seeking a protection solution to enhance the work station safety normally provided by traditional antiviruses, not based on a definition of white lists and black lists of applications permitted/blocked, but rather on “safe” behaviour of any application within detailed parameters established in the policy. On the strength of these requisites, following the appraisal of a number of options Stormshield Endpoint Security emerged as the best solution.

With the assistance of Indra, the firm detailed to carry out the entire project, the system was successfully deployed on an initial scope of 7,000 work stations. When it had been implemented at the stations, Sanitas was able to verify effective Day-Zero blocking of sophisticated malware in a real production environment. Other benefits of the system such as low consumption of resources at the work station, Day-Zero technology not based on white lists and black lists to be run, and its ability to support the entire Microsoft platform range – including servers – make Stormshield Endpoint Security the best possible solution to cater for Sanitas’ needs.

"We are extremely satisfied with the solution and service provided by Stormshield and Indra. We are still working to integrate the solution alongside the other corporate security tools and making plans to extend the tool in accordance with the growth of our infrastructure”, says Iván Sánchez López, Head of IT Security at Sanitas.

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