Meeting the students

Inauguration of our studio in Paris

VIP Event: a colourful event

Stormshield opens its doors to teachers

Meet the people of Stormshield - episode 1

Assises 2022


This is the number of R&D employees on 1 October 2022. Would you like to join our teams? Get your CVs ready, we're recruiting!

Stormshield gets involved for young people in employment

More gender diversity in IT: Stormshield says yes

At Stormshield, we advocate a real commitment to the feminisation of IT professions. When the Gaston Berger high school in Lille proposed an action in this sense at the beginning of October 2022, it seemed obvious to us to participate.

Ekiden 2022: a challenge for our Stormshielders!

Successful integration day

Stormshield values employee seniority

A day at Ecole 42

With the aim of showing the new generation who we are and sharing with them the reality of the IT and network sector, part of the Stormshield R&D team went to meet the students of Ecole 42 in Paris.


This is the number of new recruits who will join us by the end of September 2022. And you, want to join us? We're always on the lookout for rare talent with a passion for cybersecurity!

Integration day in Lille

Integration day in Lyon

Job dating: in search of our future work-study students

A great start at the Cyber Campus

Inclusion with Duo Days


Our latest Quality of Work Life survey conducted in 2021 reveals that 80% of employees are happy to come to work every morning at Stormshield. A true mark of commitment!

International Ugly Sweater Day

Integration day in Lyon

Integration day in Lille


people co-opted by Stormshielders out of the 75 recruitments made since the beginning of the year. A mark of confidence!

Stormshield joins the GEIQ Emploi & Handicap Hauts de France

The GEIQ Hauts de France is a group of companies involved in a CSR approach through the integration and professional retraining of workers with disabilities. As the ambitions of the GEIQ Hauts de France are in line with our HR policy, our membership seemed obvious.

Technical's Meet up


SES celebrates its release

Euro 2020 predictions

Back on track

Return to Villeneuve d'Ascq

Return to Lyon

Return to Issy-les-Moulineaux

Tailor-made training sessions

Disability at work – a testimonial

At Stormshield, we believe that diversity is a strength. As we start a new campaign to raise awareness of the issue of disability among employees and help them in the process of gaining recognition, one of our employees has agreed to talk about his disability at work.

The TAC team mobilised for healthcare institutions

Six questions for... Sébastien Viou, Cyber-Evangelist Consultant


In 2020, Stormshield's team has grown by 30%! Hard to figure it out with teleworking and successive confinements, but our offices have changed a lot in the last year and are still growing.

A new open space in Lille

An extra floor for Parisian R&D

New offices for the Lyon teams

Six questions for… Bernard Grandé, QA Engineer

Disability at work - A first-hand account from Alain Yanacopoulo, a developer at Stormshield

Every year, a disability information and awareness-raising campaign is organised, aimed at Stormshield employees. This substantive approach is designed to promote diversity and de-dramatise the issue of disability within the company. Alain Yanacopoulo, a Developer who is part of the SMC team in Lyon, gives us a first-hand account.

R&D investment

Six questions for… Quentin Glachant, QA Engineer

Six questions for... Cécile Turco, Human Resources Officer

Online escape game


The number of product training courses attended in-house in 2020, ensuring true manufacturer expertise.

Women at Stormshield – episode 3: Sandy Lambriquet and Mounia Bouhriz: network and security technical experts

Mounia and Sandy arrived in 2018 and 2019, and are today the only women in the Stormshield support team (usually referred to internally as the TAC). We jointly interview these two technology lovers from very different backgrounds.


recruitments planned for the year 2021. Want to be part of the adventure?

Six questions for… Jérôme Planquette, Regional Manager – North

The Dev C Academy, a bespoke training course for new arrivals

The Dev C Academy was launched in early September 2020, our dedicated training course for new arrivals to our SNS product. Let’s take a look at the initiative, which is already generating its first set of results.

Six questions for… Fabien Thomas, Chief Technical Officer

Halloween 2.0

Six questions for… Guillaume Burel, Technical Leader

Six questions for… Jonathan Gomez, Inside Sales

Show me your keyboard, and I will tell you who you are (3)

Women at Stormshield – episode 2: Manon Hasard, Field Marketing Manager

Manon joined Stormshield in 2007 as an assistant in the Marketing department. As she progressed from post to post, she gained new skills and successfully embraced the challenges of this constantly changing sector. We look back on her career, which already spans thirteen years.

Six questions for… Dorine Gambart, Human Resources manager

Show me your keyboard, and I will tell you who you are (2)

Six questions for… Franck Nielacny, Chief Information Officer

Amiga vs. Atari

Women at Stormshield - Episode 1: Maryse Levavasseur, R&D engineer

When she joined Stormshield in 2010, Maryse was the only female developer within our R&D department at Lille. We interviewed her to hear her story of how she found her place in a predominantly masculine environment.

Show me your keyboard, and I will tell you who you are (1)

Six questions for… Matthieu Bonenfant, Chief Marketing Officer


Already 20 new employees have been hired in France since the start of containment. Welcome newcomers!

Locked down... but hired!

This period of uncertainty is a hard time to be joining a new company and learning the ropes while there’s no-one in the office. Hard... but not impossible! Maxime, Quentin and Manuel – three new recruits who joined Stormshield in the middle of the lockdown – talk to us about their experiences.

Solidarity above all


The number of 3D protective visors manufactured in a few weeks thanks to the initiative (and 3D printers) of three employees, to help professionals closest to the virus and in need of masks.

Confinment for HR teams

Like the whole company

What's the best Star Wars?

Even better than an SOC

The Italian team

Ideas, time and support: internal innovation at Stormshield

Because an innovative idea can become much more than a promise, it's important to give our employees time.


The number of rolls and croissants consumed on VDA per month

Diversity and inclusion at Stormshield: action instead of talk, as shown by our Handicap strategy

Less talk, more action: our Handicap strategy by HR manager Dorine Gambart.

An amazing duo

What a team at FIC 2020

Industrial demo

Galettes des rois


The age of Stormshield's youngest recruit. Rookie.


The age of the dean of staff


different nationalities in the Stormshield workforce (as at 12/31/2019).

The École de la deuxième chance comes to Stormshield

Stormshield ended the year by giving a number of young students a taste of the world of work. Our HR Director Sylvie Blondel reports back on what was a fantastic experience for all.

President's greetings


IT team on New Year's Eve

At the foot of the Christmas tree

Secret Santa

Christmas party at VDA

A VIP Partner Event in Paris

Dressed to the nines

On stage

In the wings

A multi-skilled role

Day 4 of onboarding


Team babies already born during 2019. And there are more to come!

WeDays 2019

Let's build our future!


staff attending the WeDays in Marseille!

Kayaking and sea rowing

Paddling in the water



team members happy to be working at Stormshield (according to our recent QVT survey in June 2019)

7 questions for the Product Leader

What is a Product Leader? And many other questions, addressed to one of our in-house experts.

What’s the most popular OS?

The Lyon King

This is Issy

5 mistakes to avoid before a Stormshield interview

At a job interview, as well as CV details, skills and motivation, we be believe the way candidates behave is vitally important. Plan ahead to avoid the biggest faux pas, and put the odds on your side!


of LinkedIn subscribers for Mehdi Aarras, our No.1 in-house influencer

Behind the scenes at webinars

Hallowe’en by Stormshield


Company staff on 1st December 2019


Average Stormshield employee age on 1st June 2019

Gender balance in IT is a tough issue. But we’re working on it!

Welcome to VDA