The industrial world in the age of cyberthreats

In industry 4.0, operational technology (OT) is set to undergo profound change through its convergence with information technology (IT). This necessary change is made all the more difficult due to the profound functional differences between these two forms of network and the way they are managed. At the same time, this convergence is also being accompanied by an increase in cyberthreats.

In a series of three webinars, Stormshield shares its experience of the industrial world, explaining its different characteristics, the main challenges and the solutions regarding the security of these networks.

Webinar #1 – OT, IT, the not-so-convergent networks

Operational and information technology networks have converged. But how similar are they? Adopted several years ago, IT resources – including in particular communication technology – are now being widely used by OT. However, their usage characteristics remain fundamentally different. Among these differences we should mention the communication goals. For operational technology, the objective is to allow for the supervision and control of a process while for information technology it is to allow for the exchange of information.

Between protecting processes and protecting data, can they really completely converge? Take advantage of Stormshield’s experience in the industrial world, in just 30 minutes.

Webinar #2 – A brief history of operational technology risks

Although the isolation and complexity of industrial infrastructure proved a useful obstacle to cyberattacks until recently, the adoption of information technology has now changed this. Operational technology is now increasingly being targeted by cyberattacks. The increasing media coverage surrounding such attacks clearly demonstrates their effectiveness. It’s official: operational technology networks are exposed and accessible. Risks concerning productivity, the environment or human lives are increasing as a consequence.

Through a look back at recent history, come along and (re)learn how to assess the attack vectors and attack surfaces of an operational technology network. Discover Stormshield’s expertise with operational technology in just 30 minutes.

Webinar #3 – Control as a central aspect in the protection of operational technology

By its very nature, risk assessment is a complex activity, all the more so as each industrial facility is unique. In order to be effective and useful, protective solutions must successfully combine adaptability with integration. Adaptability in order to offer high performance regardless of the infrastructure to be protected. Integration to ensure that the feedback of information is well adapted and useful. A combination of characteristics which can only be achieved through collaborative dialogue between the operational teams and the team handling corporate security.

Faced with cyberthreats, how can you increase the security level by tightening control over industrial processes while at the same time maintaining productivity? Discover Stormshield’s solutions for protecting operational technology in just 30 minutes.

Bonus webinar - Feedback on IT-OT interconnection

After the theory, it's time for practice. Discover how to address IT-OT interconnection issues through feedback from Stormshield and Seclab. In 30 minutes chrono.