Stormshield is launching its Trusted VPN package

Stormshield, a leader in the European cybersecurity market, is launching Trusted VPN, a package that provides sensitive environments with guaranteed, highly secure protection for data flows and information stored on security devices.This package includes high-performance, secure and certified network encryption functions as well as complete control over sensitive data such as configuration files or event logs. Trusted VPN from Stormshield Network Security also guarantees the authenticity and integrity of data transferred over encrypted networks in line with all standard procedures.

 A certified end-to-end VPN service

Highly sensitive companies need to comply with current regulations, which require a high-performance information protection system. In addition to the use of certified or qualified products, the Military Programming Act sets out stricter requirements for security solutions in the country of origin.

Stormshield Network Security products are certified (EAL4+) and qualified at the highest European level (EU Restricted, NATO Restricted, EAL4+, ANSSI Qualification), guaranteeing a customised level of protection for strategic information within the most sensitive organisations. Using a Stormshield Network Security product-compatible, certified IPsec VPN client provides you with end-to-end confidence for mobile connections.

Protecting sensitive data

Security equipment configurations and connection traces are considered to be highly confidential information. When products are swapped out after a breakdown or malfunction, standard procedures require that the faulty hardware be sent to the manufacturer or a partner. To prevent malicious parties from intercepting configuration or log data, the Trusted VPN package from Stormshield allows the client to protect or destroy their sensitive data before sending in their encoder.

High-performance, secure encrypted networks

Because companies need 30% more bandwidth per year for the same number of employees, Stormshield has developed a solution that combines optimal performance with reinforced security functions. When the VPN module is used with Stormshield Network Security products and a network packet processing engine, intrusion prevention is automatically integrated into encrypted data processing, providing maximum security without reducing performance.

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Marco Genovese
Stormshield Network Security Product Manager, Stormshield

Marco Genovese was born in Asti, Italy, a town better known for its great wine than for IT infrastructures. After a non-profit experience aiming to bring the Internet to the people – in 1994 – Marco went to study Computer Science and later collaborated with various companies in the security sector. He joined Netasq in 2008 as an International Pre-sales and, after several years, decided to combine quality of life and access to IT infrastructures by moving to Paris. He has been Product Manager for Stormshield Network Security since November 2016.

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