Stormshield in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

In this unprecedented context, companies and organisations rely more than ever before on their IT and OT infrastructures to ensure the continuity of their operations, make them suitable for telecommuting or provide the products and services that are vital to the general public. Maintaining these infrastructures at the required levels of operational efficiency is a necessity and there should no compromise on their security. In the worldwide context of the CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 epidemic, the Stormshield teams are operational and fully committed to supporting you through these difficult times. We have also launched specific initiatives and programmes to make the implementation of reliable security devices easier; over 15,000 companies and organisations have already implemented these devices around the world.

To cope with the current situation, the Stormshield Executive Committee decided to introduce its Business Continuity Plan in all the countries in which we operate, in compliance with the local recommendations and rules. The purpose of this plan is to help us continue to provide your solutions and services in order to ensure that the infrastructures and data are still protected, while taking care of the health and safety of our employees.

Free Elastic Virtual Appliances licences

Faced with the urgent necessity to work from home, the number of remote access has surged. To help companies deal with the situation, regardless of whether they already are clients, Stormshield will provide Elastic Virtual Appliance (EVA) licences free of charge over the next 3 months.

Free VPN licences

In parallel to this initiative and with our partner TheGreenBow, we also offer free licenses of the IPSec VPN client for 3 months.


CSNA and CSNE training courses are now available online. The new teaching approaches are still based on the presence of a moderator throughout the session, and all the labs will take place on a simple browser via Airbus CyberSecurity's CyberRange platform. The training course will start next Monday as a full day session, then as morning sessions for the rest of the week in order to offer optimum learning conditions.

Upgrading SNS products is made easier

The current clients of Stormshield can benefit from payment facilities to upgrade to a more recent version of a Stormshield Network Security (SNS) product.

Contact your usual partner or Stormshield sales rep for more information.

Procedures and tools for VPN configuration

We have added a new item to our Knowledge Base to help you access procedures and tools that are useful to configure VPN access as quickly and as best as possible.

Access webinars

We are confined but not idle; find out about our various thematic, business, product, and corporate webinars.

In the current context, let's all be careful and adopt good digital practices: to browse these resources, use your Wi-Fi connection rather than your company's VPN!