Stormshield adapts its Stormshield Network Security products and services to Cloud service providers

Stormshield, a leader in the cybersecurity market, is announcing the launch of Stormshield Network for Cloud Providers. This pay-as-you-go Cloud network security service was developed to solve the security problems faced by Cloud professionals and their clients.

Today, IT managers have to do more with less. It is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for them to pay for the infrastructure and software they need in advance, as is often the norm.

This means that migration to the Cloud and managed services are luring in more and more companies who see them as an opportunity to optimise their infrastructure (by delegating management to specialists) and reduce spending on IT security through alternative billing methods (payment on demand, etc.). To help them reach their goals, Cloud service providers need to adapt their services and think up new pricing systems.

Stormshield has developed a “pay-as-you-go” programme to help them through this change, based on its Stormshield Network Security for Cloud solution. The programme allows Cloud service providers to offer scalable solutions to their clients. Clients can then reap the benefits of using the Cloud while maintaining control over their web security in optimal protection conditions, and only paying when they use the service.

This dedicated programme offers all of the multi-level security functions that have made Stormshield products so successful.

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About the author

Marco Genovese
Stormshield Network Security Product Manager, Stormshield

Marco Genovese was born in Asti, Italy, a town better known for its great wine than for IT infrastructures. After a non-profit experience aiming to bring the Internet to the people – in 1994 – Marco went to study Computer Science and later collaborated with various companies in the security sector. He joined Netasq in 2008 as an International Pre-sales and, after several years, decided to combine quality of life and access to IT infrastructures by moving to Paris. He has been Product Manager for Stormshield Network Security since November 2016.

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