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Increases in the number and sophistication of attacks mean that infrastructure protection has to be completely redesigned. It is now essential to have various security solutions working together, and pooling information about incidents that have been detected.

Responding to threats as a collective unit

The European technology alliance of Stormshield and Panda stems from an intention to enhance customer protection, by means of a global offer combining the best of both technologies. You can now detect and respond effectively to known or unknown threats to networks, workstations and servers.

Adaptive Defense: new generation endpoint protection and complete visibility

In the first 24 hours, 18% of malware programs escape the detection of conventional solutions. Three months later, 2% of these malware programs still remain undetected by these solutions. Panda’s next generation Adaptive Defense solution provides workstations with protection by classifying and analyzing the entire range of applications used on them.

- Simplified cloud-based deployment and administration
- Detection and response capabilities
- Machine-learning and self-learning capabilities combined with premium human expertise

Adaptive Defense 360: EPP and EDR combined

Adaptive Defense 360 combines Adaptive Defense with a local antivirus in a single solution. Adaptive Defense 360 is the only solution to offer both EPP (Endpoint Protection) and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) functions.

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Panda Security & Stormshield – A best-in-class alliance for unrivaled security

Technical Support

You will benefit from the assistance provided by our multilingual technical support teams. Our teams are based in our premises, working closely and directly with the R&D teams. This will guarantee vendor expertise in addressing any issue.

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  • Panda Security & Stormshield – A best-in-class alliance for unrivaled security

  • Datasheet Adaptive Defense

  • Datasheet Adaptive Defense 360

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