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The sensitive data exchanged over business applications are a valuable resource at the heart of a company. It is thus crucial to protect them from malicious behavior within the company and from the incorrect application of security policies. Stormshield Data Connector integrates protection for your assets as closely to their use as possible.

Protect your business applications easily

Stormshield Data Connector enables developers to integrate a data protection feature into business applications. Encryption is carried out as closely to data processing as possible, thus alleviating the risk that the solution will go unused.

Suitable, transparent protection

Transparent for end users, the solution integrates into your business workflows completely and automatically applies your security policy. Stormshield Data Connector also enables IT teams to strengthen or tailor SDS Enterprise according to your company’s particular use cases.

Opt for a trusted solution

Stormshield Data Connector guarantees you Stormshield Data Security’s trusted protection – with high level certification – so as to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your legal obligations. Stormshield Data Connector also makes it possible to control the data transmitted by your applications and to trace the operations performed.

Integrating Stormshield Data Connector into business workflows

Simply integrate this solution to boost the level of confidence in your business workflows, from composition to distribution. Our solution also works with offers by other well-known cybersecurity players.


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As a sign of trustworthiness, Stormshield Data Security solutions have a high level of certification (EAL3+/NATO), and their encryption is guaranteed by ANSSI. They are also in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

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