Within your company

The volume of sensitive data being exchanged within companies is constantly increasing… and so is their vulnerability. To protect against this, Stormshield offers a range of solutions that focus on encrypting data in close proximity to the user and are suitable for all everyday uses.

Encrypting data to better protect yourself

From in-house negligence to industrial espionage, via new mobile uses and collaborative tools, security breaches are never far away. Such weaknesses threaten the sensitive data that flows through your organisation on a daily basis. The end-to-end encryption of that data in its journey from user to recipient ensures transparent protection against all attacks, across all your use cases.

Control sensitive data for better sharing

In a world of continuous and multiple communications, how can you protect the confidential data being exchanged by your employees? And with your customers and subcontractors?

Our Stormshield Data Security Enterprise solution is based on end-to-end data encryption, and positioned as a comprehensive offering to control sensitive data within your organisation and ensure email privacy. Your company can once again become a safe and healthy zone where data sharing (email, servers) can take place in complete cyber-serenity… both inside and outside your organisation.


billion emails are sent every day worldwide (source: Radicati Group, 2019).

Support employees' new working methods

As working practices change, data exchange between organisations is on the rise. Collaboration, flexibility, distance and mobility are fast becoming the new keywords of the current era. But this means that the information being shared is exposed to new risks.

Our Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility and for Google Workspace solutions are positioned as reliable offers to enable your employees to collaborate anywhere, in Cloud infrastructures and on mobile devices (PCs, tablets, smart phones) with complete security and confidentiality.

Integrate data protection into your business applications for enhanced security

Information – a company's most precious asset – can be exposed to many scenarios involving the loss or theft of sensitive business data… malicious behaviour within the company, theft of workstations or devices, data leakage through the exploitation of vulnerabilities, unauthorised access to a workstation, incorrect configuration of the security policy, etc.

Fortunately, our Stormshield Data Connector solution is an effective data protection offering for your business applications.

Technologies certified at the highest European level, offering guaranteed confidentiality

Stormshield delivers solutions that are certified to the highest European level. Stormshield Data Security is a technology that has been certified by various European bodies and is suitable for use with data of Restricted status. This provides you with guaranteed confidentiality, in particular thanks to the separation of access to confidential data and viewing of the same data. At last you can share your data in complete cyber-serenity.

Do you have a more specific question about data protection? Or perhaps you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss, or a specific technical question you need advice on? Our sales and pre-sales teams are at your disposal to provide further information.