Information on our stock levels

Information on our SNS VPN stock levels | Stormshield

With the widespread implementation of teleworking measures in the current situation, companies are rushing to deploy additional remote access solutions, generating stock management pressure on providers of specialist products.

In response to a large number of calls from customers with concerns over the availability of our products, we would like to reassure you that we currently hold enough stock to cover the influx of demand for our Stormshield Network Security products, and that we are proactively managing our supply chain on a daily basis to stay ahead of developments in the situation.

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From SN160 to SN6100: how do you know which is the right product for your requirements?
All our staff are ready and waiting to assist you with your strategy, and will be happy to address questions relating to our shared customers' specific needs at this particularly sensitive time.

About the author

Alain Dupont
Deputy General Manager & Customer Service Director

'A graduate of ECE Paris (Ecole Centrale d’Electronique de Paris), Alain has developed a solid managerial and technical background, fully committed to customer satisfaction, within IT players such as Capgemini, Thales, CS Telecom or Ipanema. In 2016, Alain became Head of Stormshield’s Customer Service division, responsible for providing support for SNS, SES, and SDS products as well as Supply Chain, training and professional services. In 2019, he became Deputy General Manager.