Stormshield employs innovation and continued recruitment to drive future growth

Stormshield – the European benchmark in critical infrastructures, sensitive data and operational environments – is announcing the creation of 65 new positions in 2021 to strengthen its technical, support and sales teams.


Innovating to ensure access to the best talent

Having successfully onboarded more than 86 employees during 2020 amid a difficult period from a health and economic perspective, Stormshield is once again demonstrating its ability to continue its growth and assume the role of strategic partner to its customers. Always at the forefront of innovation, Stormshield is expanding its teams and improving its recruitment process as it rethinks its organisational structure. This has taken such practical forms as the launch of a new applications management tool, new candidate sourcing approaches, and also the introduction of new onboarding processes that take account of current health constraints (e-inductions, e-cafés with management teams, etc.).

Franck Bourguet, Director of Engineering at Stormshield, says, “in 2020, despite the lockdown, we managed to maintain the same standards of quality in our candidate selection process despite the switch to online technical testing. In addition to the traditional interviews, we used code review tools with case studies that had been created and tailored to our needs, enabling us to put candidates in real-life situations and assess their approach, knowledge and ability to work remotely.”


Quickly training new employees for an easier onboarding process

During this period marked both by widespread recruitment and by greater use of teleworking, Stormshield has launched a new initiative: Academies.

This technical training programme, using a new R&D structure devoted to the new arrivals, brings them up to speed more quickly in the various areas of expertise they will require to fulfil their future roles. Upon joining the Stormshield team, the new arrivals will follow a full-time training course delivered in line with a clearly defined programme. This will familiarise them with the technologies they will use and the applicable working methods, and give them a better understanding of the range of solutions Stormshield offers. Having demonstrably acquired this knowledge, they can join the development teams and integrate in a much more efficient way. Through the “Academies”, more than 40 employees have joined the Research and Development department in less than 8 months.

The other advantage of the Academies during periods of high recruitment is that they cause minimum disruption to development teams, freeing them from the training work they were previously required to do in addition to their daily responsibilities.


Providing teams with a new working environment appropriate to the health situation

Teleworking has been in operation on a wide scale at Stormshield for a number of years, but is now in universal operation across the teams, particularly on a full-time basis for in-demand profiles who do not live near a local office. In addition, employees have all the tools required to efficiently interact remotely in a genuinely friendly working environment. Events are also organised by the teams to allow social moments to be shared virtually (escape games, online magic, virtual games, videoconferencing discussion sessions with all employees, etc.).

More than ever, we are having to change our HR approach to ensure our employees enjoy good working conditions and that we don’t lose touch with them while they’re teleworking. We will continue to invest and innovate to recruit talented new staff and enable them to flourish within our teams. Commitment, collaboration, personal development, close geographical support and expertise are all core values at the heart of our human resources governance philosophy.”

Sylvie Blondel, Human Resources Director at Stormshield

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About the author
Sylvie Blondel Human Resources Director, Stormshield

After twenty years of experience in industrial groups, Sylvie Blondel has been Human Resources Director at Stormshield since 2015. From legal issues to change management, including training, remuneration, recruitment, etc., she has a wide range of skills in human resources. As Stormshield's ambassador in her day-to-day activities, she juggles the strategic human issues to be managed with a presence on the ground with the teams. Sylvie is also strongly committed to the CEFCYS association (Cercle des Femmes dans la Cybersécurité) to develop and promote the skills of women in the cyber world, as well as to the E2C (Ecole de la 2ème chance) to promote equal opportunities and diversity.