Why we need European cybersecurity champions

Cybersecurity is indisputably a strategic market that, given the rise in attacks, will continue to grow exponentially. Indeed, digital technology – bolstered by the increasing digitization of all economic and political activities – now occupies a prominent place in our everyday lives. In this context, information systems are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks, and their protection has become a top priority.

Don’t overlook the concept of sovereignty

In light of these facts, it is paramount that industrial solutions can be relied upon to effectively protect large strategic systems. But with which technology? Of course, there are numerous solutions on the market. However, upon closer examination, few of these were designed in Europe. In fact, most of the world’s cybersecurity solution developers are American or Israeli. China has also made strides in the market, especially through different cooperation and support programs launched by some of the largest industrial players. In view of this domination outside Europe, there is a legitimate cause for concern about the influence of companies and countries within Europe. Let’s not forget that cybersecurity is a strategic area for the future and that the ability to truly remain sovereign in this field is vital in our own geography.

Encourage and support the sector’s development

However, all is not lost. Quite the contrary. A key point lies in our ability to design groundbreaking industrial solutions that are recognised worldwide for their performance. European cybersecurity professionals now need help bringing their innovations to market faster. Sales and marketing are probably the two most important levers that would enable the sector’s players to compete on equal terms with their American counterparts. Cybersecurity should not only be managed from a purely national standpoint but also from an economic standpoint. This crucial stance is an absolute necessity that will help balance the forces involved.

Create real European alliances

It is also important that European champions be created by strategic alliances among the sector’s players: software companies, industrial companies, etc. Effective cybersecurity requires the mastering of complex processes and a keen of both technology and business. know-how. In industrial organisations, for example, infrastructure is protected by pooling complex areas of expertise from partnerships with other industrial companies, with software developers and with integrators who specialize in their particular field. Now, more than ever, we need to adopt this approach across the board. The time has come for alliances to form that will be bolstered by their critical size and recognised expertise.

These issues, along with many others, need to be part of our strategic planning. Business leaders need to encourage healthy debate about the state of sovereignty when it comes to long-term cybersecurity development. Unless European states and companies act, they will lose the opportunity to remain in control of their own destinies.

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