Stormshield is expanding its range of data protection services by launching “Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility”

Stormshield is a leader in the European cybersecurity market, protecting data exchanges through the Cloud and on mobile devices with its “Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility” service. This innovative solution rounds out the Stormshield Data Security range, proactively protecting business’ data against cyber threats.

The Cloud helps companies to develop remote working by employees and helps them to imagine new ways of working. Instantaneous access to information has allowed companies to increase productivity, but it has also exposed their data to cyber threats. With the threat of external interception, loss, attacks or malware, data leaks currently seem to be unavoidable.

To help you make the most of Cloud data storage’s potential without exposing yourself to threats, Stormshield is expanding its data security product range, which guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive and critical information. With “Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility”, users can now exchange documents safely and simply using Cloud-based or mobile platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, or traditional datacentres. This multi-platform, multi-device solution (for PCs, servers and smartphones) offers you a maximum level of security that remains constant wherever you are.

Installed only on the client’s workstation, “Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility” is totally transparent and does not affect users’ work habits. The solution is compatible with all of the Cloud platforms on the market without any modifications.

“Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility” optimises and secures your Cloud usage. Businesses can now migrate their data and services to the Cloud without worrying about security, allowing them to focus on their core business.

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About the author

Jocelyn Krystlik
Data Security Product Marketing Manager at Stormshield

Jocelyn Krystlik is the Cloud Product Marketing Manager at Stormshield. He has a diverse background in security, having spent eight years consulting and product managing for Arkoon Network Solutions before it was purchased by Stormshield’s parent company, Airbus. Since July 2014, he has been helping Stormshield’s customers mitigate threats, providing cloud and data security expertise, consultancy and training, and was instrumental in the marketing of the company’s data security product, Security Box.

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