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Concerned about remote users, BYOD, distributed sites and compliance standards? Successfully implementing your company’s digital transformation also requires you to address sophisticated, targeted cyberattacks. Stormshield offers unified security for all of your IT assets with products and services designed to scale with your growing organization and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Future-ready security, right now

Stormshield Network Security (SNS) solutions ensure the continuity of your operations by incorporating all of the network security features you have come to expect from a leading vendor – advanced firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), VPN, antivirus, web filtering etc. – in order to respond to even the most sophisticated attacks.

  • Suitable for multi-site companies, the SNS suite enables you to encrypt your inter- and extra-site links for constant company-wide security.
  • You get robust solutions that are certified at the highest level (NATO, EU, ANSSI qualification) and comply with the strictest regulations (GDPR, IGI901, LPM).

Our products’ “future-ready” approach guarantees a quick return on investment, without impacting security. With SNS, you also get the best total cost of ownership (TCO) and the best cost per gigabit on the market.

Protect your endpoints

A poor understanding of IT security by users is a major cause of security incidents. One seemingly harmless attachment or one unauthorized USB key can seriously compromise your systems. Implementing protective tools is therefore a way to raise employee awareness and your overall level of security.

Choosing Stormshield Endpoint Security arms you with an essential tool to:

  • Manage user workstation behavior and determine which actions are considered acceptable and which are prohibited.
  • Effectively fight against data leaks and losses as well as against viruses coming from malicious use of company IT equipment.

Collaborate with total peace of mind

In the “Bring Your Own Everything” era, developing an agile company that is in tune with the times can conflict with the necessity of controlling employee activity. Security must be transparently integrated into workflows – for users as well as for administrators – in order to be effective and convenient.

Stormshield Data Security solutions enable you to apply data encryption and traceability to all of your company’s operations. In addition, our technological partnerships with leading collaborative platforms enable us to ensure an unrivaled level of protection for the latest digital business practices.

Simplified, centralized management

The evolution of IT infrastructure and dependence on remote networks present new challenges in securing your organization. For example, widespread use of remote security equipment across networks results in an increasing number of time-consuming administrative tasks.
In order to minimize the time dedicated to managing your solutions, Stormshield offers you two web-based management options:

  • Stormshield Management Center: Simplify your IT system’s administration and limit the resources you dedicate to managing remote equipment with this all-in-one module for all of your Stormshield Network Security products.
  • Stormshield Visibility Center: Optimize your administrators’ working time by giving them real-time visibility of your systems, advanced reporting and user-friendly dashboards – compatible with all Stormshield product lines.

Security with proper support

All Stormshield customers can take advantage of long-term support. Local support, provided by our local teams and those of our partners, is available to you in over 40 countries. This guarantees you easy access to the skills and resources needed when faced with security issues or other issues you may have when using our products.

Our partners are also authorized to provide hosted solutions using a pay-as-you-go model so that we can offer you service tailored to your needs.

MyStormshield, our online customer portal, gives you access to our technical support teams, dedicated assistance for each of our three product ranges and is open to all Level 1 reseller partners and end-customers.