Retail e e-commerce

Online businesses operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Customers and consumers demand and expect fast, reliable, and efficient services. New regulations – such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – add new challenges. Likewise, retailers and buyers need uninterrupted service continuity and secure communications at the best possible price. Stormshield simplifies protection against even the most complex threats.

Grow your business – be it an online or brick-and-mortar company – securely.

Setting up and managing a secure network, protecting data, monitoring vulnerable areas, and protecting web applications all contribute to growing your sales in a totally secure environment.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires the presence of a firewall and establishes a framework for best practices among retailers in order to maintain confidence. Stormshield Network Security products meet these requirements and are equipped with an active intrusion prevention system that effectively protects against any deterioration of service between your company and the Internet, so that you can focus on growing your sales.

Guarantee transactions, even if there’s an outage

A sale carried out in poor conditions results in an unhappy customer. That’s why you need a security system that is both affordable and reliable to help your business run smoothly and to ensure service continuity.

The high availability (or fault-tolerance) feature offered by Stormshield Network Security guarantees continuity, even in the event of a malfunction. The WAN link redundancy and distribution (or failover) feature can also be used to ensure information system availability in the event of an operator failure.

Stormshield also offers Quality of Service solutions that prevent network congestion and provide connectivity that is 100% reliable. Controlling bandwidth, prioritizing traffic, and managing redundant network connections will help you effectively manage all your network activity. With Stormshield Network Security solutions, you are also protected from any denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).

Secure your servers and Web applications

The Web is the preferred attack vector used by hackers. It would be impossible to keep count of how many websites have been compromised or how many vulnerabilities are discovered in Web applications every week. Protecting servers and Web applications is therefore a major security issue for the retail and e-commerce sector.

PCI DSS requirements force organizations into all-out war on web vulnerabilities in order to protect applications. Stormshield Network Security solutions provide comprehensive protection for the entirety of your public-facing information systems, based on:

  • An intrusion prevention system (IPS) that is highly effective against zero-day attacks and combines different technologies, protocol analyses and protection signatures to proactively provide a maximum level of security.
  • A web protection module in the IPS that protects web applications against XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks, SQL injection attacks, and malicious file execution.
  • Protection against attacks on databases.

By combining this application protection with a workstation protection solution, you can implement a dual-layer security system around your e-commerce service. Stormshield Endpoint Security’s protective mechanisms, which are based on behavioral analysis, protect your business against even the most sophisticated attacks – known or unknown.

Customer data management

The recent European regulations on personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulation) impose significant constraints regarding the management of your customers’ data: confidentiality, storage location, data retrieval and recovery rights are all issues that must be taken into account in your business strategy.

Stormshield’s solutions help you bring your organization into compliance thanks to its comprehensive set of features, such as:

  • Stormshield Network Security: isolate data storage infrastructures, configure access restrictions for each user, etc.
  • Stormshield Data Security: Stormshield Data Security: end-to-end encryption regardless of where confidential data is stored – even in the Cloud.