Banca y Finanzas

Financial gain is one of the top-cited motivators of cybercrime. That is why Financial institutions need cutting-edge networks offering the absolute best in security and performance. Further, these organizations need to comply with an increasingly strict regulatory framework (such as Basel II) that requires rigorous management and surveillance of IT infrastructure.

Reliability. High Availability. Security.

The network’s continuous availability is paramount for financial institutions. The slightest network interruption or application downtime during a transaction can be very costly. Stormshield guarantees service continuity through reliable systems at a low cost – keeping your systems up and your wallet full.

The Stormshield Network Security suite consists of high-performance products and Quality of Service solutions that prevent network congestion and provide connectivity that is 100% reliable. Controlling bandwidth, prioritizing traffic, and managing redundant network connections will help you effectively manage all of your network activity. You can also shut down any denial-of-service attack (DDoS) by utilizing Stormshield Network Security’s protection suite.

Compliance support

In an increasingly strict regulatory context, Stormshield helps your organization achieve compliance. Our solutions are designed to help you comply with critical standards, including:

  • Traceability of operations
  • Risk management and evaluation
  • Quality of service
  • Transparency and responsibility
  • Incident response time tracking
  • Customer data and communication security

Stormshield Endpoint Security products are recognized by auditors as solutions that compensate for infrequently updated operating systems. Its behavioral analysis module ensures protection for all types of systems, even aging systems such as cash registers and ATMs.

Reduce your costs and risks

Stormshield Network Security makes managing your IT systems easier than ever and reduces your costs in implementation, operation and maintenance. This suite notably includes:

  • Straightforward, effective management of all your products through centralized administration
  • An intuitive interface for delegating rights on each segment of the information system
  • Secure VoIP services within your organizations
  • Low maintenance costs

The “future-ready” approach is an integral part of Stormshield products, which are designed to provide suitable responses to security threats over the long term. All Stormshield products guarantee a quick return on investment without affecting security by incorporating the highest levels of protection.

Maximum risk management in real time

A vulnerable network significantly increases the probability of losing confidential information in the event of an attack. Faced with the constant rise of new threats, implementing a comprehensive risk management system has become vital.

Stormshield Network Vulnerability Manager allows you to perform real-time risk analysis that is integrated into the intrusion prevention system (IPS). Actively working at the core of the operating system, this solution provides the administrator with relevant information about their infrastructure’s risk level. It also ensures that all of the system’s software and components are updated with the latest security patches at all times.

Customer data management made easy

The recent European regulations on personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulation) impose significant constraints regarding the management of your customers’ data: confidentiality, storage location, data retrieval and recovery rights are all issues that must be taken into account in your business strategy.
Stormshield’s solutions contain a comprehensive set of features to help bring your organization into compliance with regulations, including:

  • Stormshield Network Security: isolate data storage infrastructures, configure access restrictions for each user, etc.
  • Stormshield Data Security: end-to-end encryption regardless of where confidential data is stored – even in the Cloud.