Management Center

Operational simplicity

Stormshield Management Center simplifies: monitoring of Stormshield Network Security solutions, access to appliances, configuration distribution, running of commands on several appliances.

Secure management of appliances

Stormshield Management Center uses a certificate-based secure standard protocol to allow continuous communication with Stormshield Network Security appliances. Appliances can exchange configuration or supervision data in real time while guaranteeing its confidentiality and integrity.

Do away with repetitive tasks

With Stormshield Management Center, set up a topology of secure interconnections between several hundred sites in a matter of minutes. Define security rules that apply to similar sets of appliances only once so that you can concentrate on rules that cater to the specific characteristics of each site.

Resource Center

Technical Support

You will benefit from the assistance provided by our multilingual technical support teams. Our teams are based in our premises, working closely and directly with the R&D teams. This will guarantee vendor expertise in addressing any issue.

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