Proyecto Haka

Haka is a security-centered open source language used to describe protocols and apply security policies to captured traffic in real time.

Stormshield, OpenWide, and Telecom ParisTech launched the Haka project in 2011 in response to a call for proposals by the French Ministry of Industry. The objective? To enable the expression of security rules so as to filter, modify, or reject undesirable packets.

This project’s open source, collaborative approach allows anyone to help us improve it. A recognized solution, Haka was ranked third in the 10 best open source security tools by Toolswatch in early 2016.

Multiple domains of use

  • Packet Filtering: defining your own security strategy to block dangerous or prohibited network traffic.
  • Malware Recognition: defining complex rules to detect even the most sophisticated malware.
  • Monitoring: understanding new (non-public) protocols thanks to the modular design of the tool so as to make it easier to monitor network traffic.
  • Security Search: detecting vulnerabilities in protocols or network services while instantly modifying network traffic.
  • Investigation: security researchers who study malware using Haka to track, among other things, interactions with a command and control (C&C) server.


The ideal solution for monitoring network traffic

Hakabana combines the Haka language’s effectiveness with Elasticsearch and Kibana technology in order to extract network traffic information in real time. This solution provides companies with an interactive database that allows them (for instance) to understand their network use, obtain statistics in real time, study a problem in depth, and much much more.

Find out more about Haka during our conferences

Haka is an innovative project that has been presented at various security conferences (Virus Bulletin, Black Hat, SSTIC, etc.).

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