Companies’ needs vary depending on the company. This is why Stormshield designed easy-to-use security and service packs that fulfill specific purposes. All the packs guarantee that protection systems essential to the continuity of your activities are continuously updated and include the following features:

  • Product hardware maintenance
  • Corrective, scalable software updates
  • Continuous updates of security engines
  • Access to technical support in direct or via our partner network
  • Access to the Stormshield Security Intelligence portal

Security and Service Packs for Stormshield Network Security

Stormshield makes several maintenance packs available to you depending on the required levels of protection.

  • Remote Office Security Pack: specifically offered to protect small remote sites that are directly connected to their central site via a VPN tunnel.
  • UTM Security Pack: for companies that want unified protection against threats coming through the Web or the messaging system and want to closely monitor users’ internet browsing.
  • Premium UTM Security Pack: for companies with strict security requirements. This pack provides the best technology to counter even the most advanced attacks.
  • Enterprise Security Pack: for companies that have distinct protection solutions for each security feature. This pack focuses the added value of Stormshield Network Security products on the Next-Generation Firewall features.

All our packs come with hardware maintenance terms and conditions (including product exchanges) as well as on-demand services to develop your maintenance packs.