SDS for Google Workspace

In the context of constant exchanges and communication in the Cloud, how can you ensure that convenience and resilience go hand in hand with trust? Increase the level of protection of your sensitive data exposed to risks in the Cloud. To do this, our Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace solution provides the secure encryption of information stored in Google workspaces.


Protects your sensitive data

Google usage

Maintains the user experience


No agents to deploy

User Centric

The user chooses his/her trust bubble

A transparent solution integrated into your Google tools

The Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace offer is fully integrated into the Google environment, providing additional protection to supplement Google Workspace Client-side encryption. Sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted automatically in the browser with no additional action required by the user. The Stormshield solution transparently ensures that the user is correctly authenticated in the Google Workspace environment before, for example, enabling the decryption of sensitive data.

User experience maintained

When securing sensitive data, it is imperative to maintain the ease of use provided by the Google environment and to integrate protection functions as close to business flows as possible. This is because an impaired user experience reduces the acceptance of data protection solutions and slows down their deployment. Securing while maintaining a simple and efficient user experience is what Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace promises.

SDS For Google Workspace: trial version and prices

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Encryption key control

When implementing the protection of sensitive data, keys to access this information are as just as critical as the data they protect. As soon as their management is entrusted to a third party, it is vital for a company to retain control of them. Control of access keys is all the more important when the trusted third party also hosts sensitive data, as it could also easily access this data itself.

To maintain the control of encryption keys, Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace protects the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. Google’s storage servers therefore never see the data in an unencrypted form, nor the key used to decrypt it.

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Stormshield Data Security Brochure

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