Back to School: Endpoint Security

Now that summer vacation is over, it’s time to shift focus from beaches to breaches. Join us as we review the state of cybersecurity, the current threat landscape and how to protect yourself from the latest ransomware campaigns.

In partnership with Infosecurity Magazine, Stormshield has sponsored this webinar to take a discuss what steps you can take to fully secure your endpoints and how to build a proactive security architecture. Whether the attacks are known or unknown, learn more about what options you have to address the growing problem of protecting your endpoints.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the most common and vicious threats to your endpoints this year?
  • Why is traditional anti-virus protection failing organizations ? And what are some better options?
  • What are some advanced techniques for safeguarding your endpoints?

This webinar is available here.

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Victor Poitevin
Digital Manager, Stormshield

Victor Poitevin is Stormshield’s Digital Manager. Attached to the Marketing Department, his role is to improve the Group’s online visibility. This involves Stormshield’s entire ecosystem, including websites, social networks and blogs. He will make use of his diverse experience, gained in several major French and international groups and communications agencies, to fulfill the Group’s high digital aspirations.